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An SEL Tool for Children

Rewriting Futures

It has been said that prevention is better than the cure.  The Rewriting Futures Initiative takes a proactive approach to wellness with a strong emphasis on social and emotional health and the implementation of prevention and early intervention strategies to push back against the potentially devastating effects of childhood adversity.  The flagship tool of the initiative is the Discovery Series, which gives students a license and a platform to tell their stories, to dream, and to leverage the challenges that life brings.

Life & Storytelling

Legacy Tools

While the early development of solid social and emotional skills in students is critically important, so too is the development of emotional intelligence, solid self-regulation skills, properties of resilience, and the ability to leverage difficulties in adults. 

The legacy tools initiative is focused on the development of tools and strategies to help adults of all ages and in all walks of life to become their best, healthiest and most productive selves. The My Life My Legacy resource is the first in a collection of tools to help adults begin to shape a legacy of inspiration and success for the generations that will follow.

More coming soon…

Substance Abuse Resources

Gene Duffy Initiative

The Gene Duffy Initiative is the custodian of the original mission of the My New Legacy Foundation.  The focus is on education, research, and the provision of resources for those who seek treatment for addiction and other difficulties related to mental health. 

Our vision for the Gene Duffy Foundation is to provide initiatives that address alcoholism and substance abuse issues while providing greater access to high quality, effective treatment for people already in the grips of alcoholism and/or substance abuse.

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